blocage 2013
blocage 2013

blocage was created at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in 2013, as Master-project of Sarah Lerch. 


a theatre experience for an audience with the freedom to choose their own point of view during the performance as space and landscape of the stage are changing continuously


created and performed by: Sarah Lerch, Nina Pigné, Antoine Zivelonghi

external eyes: Andrea Herdeg, Gerardo Tetilla

music: Andreas Strand Renberg

stage and light design: Rosario Ilardo


premiere: april 5 2013

trailer of blocage on YouTube




aktuell - agenda




13.4.2019:  Ein SommernachtstraumRegie im Theaterzirkus "Wunderplunder", Burgdorf    Premiere


02.05.2019, 20:30: Palazzo dei congressi, Lugano: Galà di beneficienza Clowns without borders Switzerland


16.06.2018, 17:00: Re Fu, al festival Scollindando, Cadempino


20.07.-24.08.2019: Centovalli cento ricordi 


11.10.2019, 16:30: Moé, Ludoteca Losone


6.12.2019, private event 


7.12.2019, 20:00: Karte Noire, Bienne


15.1.2020, Teatro Foce Lugano, 20:30: Galà di beneficienza Clowns without borders Switzerland


16.01.2020, Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, 20:30 Galà di beneficienza Clowns without borders Switzerland


Sommerkurse - corsi estivi

La Fabbrica, LOSONE

circo per bambini


01.07.-05.07.2019:  09:00-16:00

08.07.-12.07.2019:  09:00-12:00

15.07.-20.07.2019:  09:00-16:00


Teatro Dimitri, VERSCIO

Accademia Teatro Dimitri:Sommerkurse / corsi estivi

Theater für Jugendliche: 08.-12.07.2019

Clownkurs für Kinder: 22.-26.07.2019

Clownkurs für Jugendliche: 22.-26.07.2019

Kurse - corsi





Zirkus für Kinder: Mittwoch 14:00, 15:30 und 16:45, Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf

Akrobatik für Erwachsene: Mittwoch 18:15, Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf