Foto: Reza Khatir
Foto: Reza Khatir

Sarah Lerch, born in 1983, grows up in Bern/CH. After two years of studies in Social Anthropology in Fribourg, she dedicates herself fully to theater, studying from 2004-2007 at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, University for Physical Theatre in Switzerland.


After her graduation in 2007, she co-founds the company PPcie, which produces the dance-theatre Mimikry, the burlesque short theatre program Stück für Stück and a theatre project for children Theater im Schloss.


From 2009-2012 she works fulltime with the international theatre company Divadlo Continuo, which is based in Czech Republic. Sarah performs in various performances, such as the outdoor piece Finis Terrae, the site-specific projects Krajina na znameníJizvy v kameni, Jezero Grus Grus or in the acrobatic intermezzo in The Barted Bride in the State Opera in Prague.


From 2011-2014 she studies at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, wins twice the award of the Migros Cultural Percent (2012 and 2013) and is member of the prestigious Swiss Studies Foundation.



She finishes in 2014 with a Master degree in Physical Theatre. Now she is creating her own projects combining dance, acrobatics, music and visual arts, like blocage (2013) or Re Fu (2013) with WaKouwa teatro in the cultural center la fabbrica in Losone.

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19.09.2020 Iros Anghelos, commedia musicale, Portigòn di Rivapiana, Minusio ore 20:30


11.10.2020 Re Fu, Palazzo congressi di Muralto, ore 17


31.10.2020 festival In'canta: Concerto polifonico con Lianca Pandolfini, chiesa S.M. in Selva


27. & 29.11.2020, Kulturhalle Burgdorf: Jahresspektakel Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf verschoben


Zini unterwägs, Sitespecific Stück mit Theaterszene im Botanischen Garten Bern, verschoben auf Sommer 2021



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Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf


Zirkus für Kinder: 

Mittwoch 14:00 (Teens 1), 

Mittwoch 15:30 (Kinder)

Mittwoch 16:45 (Teens 2) 



Akrobatik für Erwachsene: 

Mittwoch 18:15 


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