In her chair (2024)

short video by Claire Garwacki, director: Philippe Weibel


Hilda und die Prinzessin (2024)

œil extérieur for SASAerzählt, story telling for children 


moltobene (2023)

improvisation, fortunetelling and other, Buskers Lugano, Facciamo la Corte, Muzzano


Carpet Diem (2023)

œil extérieur for manipulation of material al puppets


Der Koffer (2023)

directing SASA&DU, performance for kids


Il demolitore di camper (2022)

role in screen-production of Swiss Italian TV RSI


Zini unterwägs (2021)

sitespecific project for kids in botanical garden Bern


Don Quijote (2020)

directing in theatre-circus Wunderplunder


A mid-summer night's dream  (2019) 

directing the Shakespeare comedy in theatre-circus Wunderplunder


fruscio di foglie (2018)

site-specific performance, music, poetry, aerial acrobatics


Mysterienspiel Akte Zwingli (2017)

multi-disciplinary opera in the Grossmünster church, Zurich. director: Volker Hesse, choreography: Andrea Herdeg


Marktinterventionen auf dem "Münstermärt" (2017)

theatrical and musical interventions, assistant and performance, choreography: Laia Sanmartin


Opening of Gotthard-tunnel (2016)

ceremony South, assistant for choreography and performance, director: Volker Hesse, choreography: Laia Sanmartin


blocage (2013)

Master diploma piece, by Sarah Lerch, with: Sarah Lerch, Nina Pigné and Antoine Zivelonghi


Re Fu (2013)

theatre, clown, juggling and puppetry for children, with Sarah Lerch & Gerardo Tetilla


Lonely Fish (2012)

dance theatre with: Natalia Franchi, Katja Groll, Sarah Lerch, Lianca Pandolfini, Samanta Roque, Gerardo Tetilla, Federico Vuegen

choreography: Karin Hermes


Theater im Schloss (2011)

site-specific performance with children, in the park of Oberhofen castel

direction: Sarah Lerch


Iros Anghelos (2011)

theatrical concert by Sarah Lerch & Lianca Pandolfini


Stück für Stück (2009)

four ironic short pieces, with: Stefanie Lang, Sarah Lerch, Johanna von Gagern, Jo Ofrim Bjørke

direction: Colette Roy & Jean-Martin Moncéro


Mimikry - oder die hohe Kunst der Anpassung (2008)

dance theatre, with: Johanna Gagern, Sarah Lerch, Katarina Rampackova

choreography: Andrea Herdeg